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"Keyena has been our primary health care physician since my first son was born 10 years ago.  Now with 3 young boys, she has taken care of our family's health and wellness needs during cold and flu season, other health issues that arise, as well as all of our annual physicals.  Keyena, is very thorough and professional.  She listens to our needs and takes great care to get to the core of the issue to determine the course of action that is going to best suit our bodies, minds and spirits to get back to a balance of well being.  I have worked with many physicians over the years both alternative as well as western and Keyena is one whom I deeply trust with my family's health and wellness care.” DR

“For the last four years I've had a series of stomach issues, headaches, fatigue, periods of depression, lack of focus and concentration, acne along with shoulder and low back pain. Keyena's holistic approach to assessment and treatment have both unseeded the root causes of my health challenges, food and nutrition, as well as solved them. After only two days of beginning a new vitamin/mineral regimen, I felt a wave of clarity and positivity move across my brain that I've never experienced before. Food allergy testing has provided great insights and I have since altered my diet accordingly and several other health related issues have also subsided. All without prescription drugs. I'm so grateful for her ability to assess the entire mind, body, and spirit!” MM


"I am indebted to Dr. McKenzie for helping me to feel better and to improve my health.  I used pharmaceuticals (under the direction of a traditional MD) for over 7 years in one case and over 4 years in another case for some allergy-related conditions.  The underlying conditions didn't improve and I was suffering increasing side effects associated with the pharmaceuticals.  I was facing a recommendation for a painful biopsy in February.  We embarked on changing my diet and I used a series of natural remedies under her guidance. Within days I found major relief in my most serious side effect, eliminating the need for the biopsy.  Only six months later, I feel well almost 100% of the time and am weaned off almost all medications.  Dr. McKenzie has been patient and helpful all the way - I'm very pleased with the results."  (initials withheld by request, Madison, WI client)

"I had been taking eleven daily prescriptions for years. Despondent, I called Dr Keyena McKenzie to see if I could possibly heal and stop taking medications. She gave me hope, tools for change and helped me learn that our bodies can heal from anything! I have been medication-free for years!" ML

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