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Holistic Pediatric Care

Holistic Pediatric Care

Holistic Pediatric Care from Birth thru Teen Years.

Plant Wisdom

Plant Wisdom

Botanical Medicine, Flower Essences, Homeopathy

End-of-Life Care

End-of-Life Care

Hospice & Palliative Care

Naturopathic Integrative Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine. Integrative, functional, comprehensive whole-body approach to well-being. Treating the underlying cause of imbalance and symptoms. Engaging the body's innate wisdom to regain balance and integrity. Optimizing well-being during life's transitions from newly arrived infants, through childhood, into adulthood, through currents of change in bodies as we age and into the care of those who are transitioning out of their bodies at the end of life. Sit with an integrative medicine primary care provider who listens deeply before crafting a comprehensive uniquely individualized healing plan.

Holistic Pediatric Care

Profoundly effective holistic pediatric therapies tailored to the needs of children. Gentle, safe approaches to support a child's innate body wisdom as it continually seeks the bio-rhythmic balance of homeostasis. Comprehensive treatment plans knowledgeably delivered according to age and vitality of child. Dr McKenzie helps children and families through acute health concerns as they arise as well as chronic conditions that have resisted shifts with home  and/or conventional medical treatments. 

Comprehensive Health History and Assessments

The body, when assessed in it's entirety, often gives us the information needed to uncover causation of imbalance. Naturopathic consults with Dr McKenzie are comprehensive in assessment, both history, lab and/or imaging as needed.  In weaving the thread of inter-connectivity through the body, mind and spirit in it's entirety, causation of many symptoms can be uncovered, removed and treated, layer-by-layer. 

Homeopathic Consults - Acute Care, Constitutional Prescribing, Drainage Therapies

Dilute substances delivered in small doses selected for their unique fit to a person's physical, mental and emotional states during an acute situation or a long-standing chronic condition. Safe for people of all ages at all stages of well-being and varying levels of vitality. Assists the body in restoring balance and homeostasis alleviating or softening the edges of physical, emotional and mental symptoms. Acute, Constitutional and Drainage Therapy prescribing.

Manual Therapies, Maya Abdominal Therapy, Cupping, Hydrotherapy, Manipulation

Hand medicine. Maya Abdominal Therapy & HART Method treats the muscles, fascia, lymphatics and organs of the abdomen, often preceded by work on the back to address issues arising from uterine mis-alignment, prostate enlargement, bladder problems, pregnancy, painful adhesions following accidents or surgery including cesareans, digestive problems, emotional trauma, etc. Cupping therapies have been used around the globe for centuries and continue to have a place in the treatment of muscle pain, tissue stagnation, excess heat or cold in the body. Hydrotherapy treatments for the purpose of healing the body rise out of many of the old European spas. Applications of various forms of water therapies to restore circulation, reduce inflammation, stimulate immune function and promote enhanced well-being.  Manipulation techniques help realign joints and muscles that have shifted from optimal alignment. 

Botanical Herbal Medicine

The medicine of our ancestors throughout the world meets 21st century delivery in the form of tinctures, poultices, steams, decoctions, infusions, oils, flower essences, many homeopathics and, in some states where naturopathic medicine is regulated, intravenously.  Continual discoveries of ancient plant species for new medicine. 

Food As Medicine

Diet can have a profound effect on digestive function, skin problems, energy, sleep, pain levels and mood. During the course of a consult, Dr McKenzie will explore all aspects of causation of symptoms including dietary contributors. She will discuss how certain foods can worsen symptoms as well as strengthen well-being, how to discern which foods may be worsening your symptoms and techniques to bring more healing foods and nutrients into your life and the lives of your loved ones.  Food intolerance testing.  Detox/Elimination protocols to suit your needs. 

Palliative & End-Of-Life Care

When a new life is soon to enter the circle of life, we prepare, nurture and celebrate her/his arrival from a place of love and spirit. At the end of a life well-lived, whether days of life or decades of life, we can do the same. For those who have sought holistic health care in times of a life filled with vitality, naturopathic medicine is a beautiful fit to ease the passage near the end of life. Additionally, holistic palliative care can be used as an adjunct to enhance the effectiveness of and reduce side effects of conventional therapies or as a stand-alone to provide greater comfort in body and mind when living with challenging physical conditions. Palliative care and end-of-life care can occur simultaneously or may be needed at two distinctly different times in life. Palliative care can be provided when the long-term prognosis may indicate continued longevity but the road ahead may be quite challenging. End-of-life care is offered when treatments are no longer effective at sustaining life and/or the client is foregoing further interventional care and is preparing to move toward the end of life. Whether she's assisting clients in preparing their minds, spirits and physical bodies for their departure or assisting loved ones in the care of beloveds as they let go, in her role as a death doula or death midwife (one who guides another and their loved ones in transitions at the end of life), Dr McKenzie in her experience of walking with those in hospice, offers invaluable guidance for those nearing the end of a life well-lived. She is able to provide on-going, in-home or hospice care center care in south-central WI and is able to provide telemedicine consults for those out of the area.

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