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Dr McKenzie's experience as a midwife, adoptive mother and naturopathic doc specializing in women's and children's health make her a unique lactation ally. Lactation counselling sessions with Keyena are helpful for prenatal nursing preparation, postpartum settling for nursing parents or those with new birth experiences (cesarean, multiples, cleft lip/palate, tandem nursing, etc), milk supply concerns, latch challenges, nursing parent/baby thrush, baby growth concerns, reassurance, supplemental nursing systems and more. Timing of follow-up visit based on nursing parent/baby need anywhere from daily until everyone settles into a sweet pattern, weekly or monthly as nursing parent/baby needs change. Appropriate for birthing parents, adoptive parents, milk donors and partners.

Breastfeeding Links

One of the best breastfeeding videos I've come across. Covers it all from positioning to milk ejection reflex to stool changes in the first few days. Thanks to Oakland artist/mom/LC, TaNefer Lumukanda!

Monthly e-newsletter on topics ranging from immuno-therapeutic properties of Tasmanian Devil's milk and human milk sugar's role in preventing intestinal infection to whale lactation strategies and weaning periods in non-human primates. Never know what milky news will show up in your in-box!

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