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HART Method Maya Abdominal Therapy incorporates traditional Central American bodywork techniques and herbal therapies that have been practiced by generations of Maya, Aztec, Nahuatl and Mixteca healers, midwives and shamans for thousands of years.


A form of deeply present manual therapy, Dr McKenzie will work the muscles, connective tissue, fascia, lymphatics and organs of the abdomen as well as the back to improve circulation, vital function and eliminaton via the circulatory, kidney, digestive, respiratory systems; release scar tissue adhesions following accidents and surgeries including cesarean; align abdominal organs including uterus, bladder and prostate to assist with fertility challenges in both women and men; bladder problems, pelvic pain; alleviate discomfort and enhance regularity of menses; improve digestion and lung function; optimize uterine health prior to conception and throughout pregnancy as baby/babies grow; ease ligamentous discomfort of pregnancy; align baby/babies for greater ease navigating the birth canal.


Women and men as well as girls and boys can benefit from Maya Abdominal Therapy and HART Method.


Cupping Therapies have been used for centuries in households of many cultures from Asia to Central America to Europe. This hour-long treatment allows for deeper work to be done and to address acute as well as chronic conditions. This treatment is highly individualized based on patient need and may also include Gua Sha and/or moxibustion therapy. 

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