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When a new life is soon to enter the circle of life, we prepare, nurture and celebrate her/his arrival from a place of love and spirit.  At the end of a life well-lived, whether minutes of life or decades of life, we can do the same.


For those who have sought holistic health care in times of a life filled with vitality, naturopathic medicine and the multitude of modalities that Dr McKenzie brings to the circle are a beautiful fit to ease the discomfort during challenging times and in the passage near the end of life.


Palliative care can be provided when the long-term prognosis may indicate continued longevity but the road ahead may be quite challenging. 

Holistic palliative care can be used as an adjunct to enhance the effectiveness of and reduce side effects of conventional therapies or as a stand-alone to provide greater comfort in body and mind when living with challenging physical conditions. Palliative care and end-of-life care can occur simultaneously or may be needed at two distinctly different times in life.


End-of-life care is offered when treatments are no longer effective at sustaining life and/or the client is foregoing further interventional care and is preparing to move toward the end of life.


Whether she's assisting clients in preparing their minds, spirits and physical bodies for their departure or assisting loved ones in the care of beloveds as they let go, in her role as an end-of-life doula, Dr McKenzie in her experience of walking with those in hospice, offers invaluable guidance and therapies for those nearing the end of a life well-lived. 

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