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Dr Keyena McKenzie, ND LM CPM | naturopathic| integrative| functional| medicine| WI| MN|Maya Abdominal Therapy| Midwifery|Lactation


Dr. Keyena McKenzie, ND, Midwife

While working as a wildlife biologist and wilderness ranger in New Mexico in the early 1980s, Keyena was introduced to the wisdom of medicinal plants and from that grew an interest in natural therapeutics, midwifery and bodywork. She graduated from National College of Naturopathic Medicine (currently National University of Natural Medicine) in Portland, Oregon in 1998 with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, a certificate in Naturopathic Obstetrics and additional extended study in homeopathy. She has completed certification in lactation counselling, Bowen Therapy, Maya abdominal therapy/HART Method, cupping in the European and Mesoamerican traditions and participates in ongoing training in the assessment and treatment of people with Lyme/tick-borne diseases.

She holds Naturopathic Doctor (ND) licensure with the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine, ND registration with the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, and prior to retiring from the practice of midwifery, she was a licensed midwife (LM) in the state of Wisconsin and a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) with NARM (North American Registry of Midwives).  

As proprietor of McKenzie Integrative Medicine LLC, formerly Full Circle Health in Madison, WI, she has worked primarily in private practice for over 20 years and was the first naturopathic doctor to work in the complementary medicine department of a managed care system in her community integrating care for clients seeing both a naturopathic doctor and conventional providers.  In her two decades of practice, she has specialized in pediatrics, women's health, homeopathy and and is now entering into the field of holistic end-of-life/palliative care.

When working as a midwife she provided midwifery care in homes, birth centers and hospital settings. With her training as a naturopathic doctor, she's able to provide integrative holistic continuity-of-care to families beyond the postpartum period as their children grow from infancy into adulthood, as women's needs evolve between pregnancies and after the childbearing cycle has come to a close.  

For over three decades Dr. McKenzie has been utilizing the powerfully transformative medicines of our ancestors while at the same time introducing contemporary applications of newly discovered therapeutics to aid in healing on all levels. Her approach to healing uncovers imbalance layer-by-layer to effectively identify and remove the underlying causes of dis-ease wherever possible. She does not compartmentalize nor treat imbalance in isolation. Optimal healing requires attention to the entire being. She sees healing as a joint venture and especially enjoys working with those who are not only ready for change but also prepared to do the work needed for improved well-being.

Keyena's life passions are ever-evolving as the wind fills her sails. She continues to feed her love of the outdoors and dedication to making the world a better place by assisting with prairie restoration and maintenance with prescribed prairie burns. She's an avid sea kayaker and fly fisher. She is a Lyme-survivor and compassionate ally and healer dedicated to those still walking the path of imbalance from tick-borne diseases. 

She walks in gratitude for her teachers and mentors along the way: Sharon Wirtz, Gertrude Devoy, Michael Moore, Mark McKenzie, Dr Morgan Martin, Dr Tieraona Low Dog, Dr Sharol Tilgner, Cascade Anderson Geller, Dr Ed Hofmann-Smith, Dr Eric Yarnell, Dr Jill Stansbury, Dr Durr Ellmore, Dr Heiner Fruehoff, Dr Pamela Taylor,  Dr Neil McKinney, Kimberly Hart.

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