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Holistic Pediatric Care

Holistic Pediatric Care

For Babies, Children and Teens

Meet Dr McKenzie ND LM CPM

Meet Dr McKenzie ND LM CPM

Holistic Healthcare Throughout the Lifespan

Manual Therapies

Manual Therapies

Maya Abdominal Therapy, Cupping, Hydrotherapy


At the very essence of true healing is the identification and treatment of the underlying causes of imbalance whenever possible.


Dr McKenzie's recommendations for each client are selected on a case-by-case basis to assist in removing "obstacles to cure" rather than simply treating symptoms as is often current practice with pharmaceutical first-line treatments in contemporary conventional medical protocols.


When symptoms only are treated, the underlying imbalance often persists, smoldering within the body contributing to systemic inflammation, increasing risks for continued degeneration and worsening chronic disease in the future.


Dr McKenzie's work addressing root cause can open pathways for true restructuring to bring about restoration of well-being, decreased inflammation and reduced risk of chronic disease.


Innate body wisdom works constantly to maintain homeostasis, a delicate and critical balance of hormones, enzymes, temperature regulation and more within the body as it maintains continued vitality and optimal well-being.


At times that bio-rhythmic balance is offset significantly enough that the body's protective mechanisms ratchet it up a few notches higher than normal  (fever is a good example of this).

This rebalancing is occurring all the time, most often without our being aware of it.  


When seeking naturopathic integrative care for acute or chronic conditions, know that the therapies Dr McKenzie selects for newborns to elders will work in harmony to support this innate body wisdom to bring about healing in the most rapid way possible.


In utilizing therapeutic approaches that address the underlying causes of imbalance and support the body's innate drive to maintain homeostasis, people often report:

-  Reduced inflammation and pain

-  Increased energy

- Improved moods

- Better sleep

- Improved focus

- Stronger immune function

- Reduced need for and/or numbers of prescription medications

- Reduction in or elimination of chronic disease

- Elevated sense of well-being and greater ease overall in body, mind and spirit.  

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